Other Tom Ligons

Other Tom Ligons

The Original

There is a tendency in the Ligon family to name the males Tom or Bill. This goes back at least a thousand years, according to the family geneology. The first Ligon in America was a Tom, Colonel Thomas Lygon, around 1641. There has been some geneological confusion with his birthdate, probably because of too many fathers and sons named Tom. We believe he was a close relative to the Ligons at Madresfield Court in Worcestershire, England. You have probably never heard of the place, but you may know it by its fictional name, Brideshead (in Brideshead Revisited).

Colonel Tom's father was a farmer in Gloucestershire, likely the grandson of the holder of Madresfield Court, but with no inheritance or title associated with that estate. So young Tom, born around 1623-25, set off for the Virginia Colony in 1641, where he made his mark. Um, make that marker. He got into a skirmish with a group of indians attacking a cabin once ... used a huge gun now in a Richmond museum, and is said to have killed three with his first shot, two more with the second, and another pair with the third shot. About this time the indians remembered they had an appointment elsewhere. I actually met him once here, and he's in pretty good shape (photo) for an old guy.

So, here are a few of the wild seeds of Colonel Tom. Dad

Major Tom Ligon, 967th Field Artillery Battalion (Pictures and link to unit history)

The Actor

Tom Ligon "handsome, chameleon character actor and sometimes lead" in movies, TV, and Broadway.

Ligon with ARC Globe

Tom Ligon, of ARC Science Simulations in Colorado. I found a good writeup on him here. Both of us happen to have wives named Linda. His Linda is a noted magazine publisher.

Thomas S.

Dr. Thomas Sumner Ligon, formerly of Microsoft. This cousin wrote the book on all those Client/Server headaches. He retired in 2012 and is currently working as a visiting scientist, testing the boundaries between physics and biology, at the University of Munich.

If you are a Tom Ligon, and you feel robbed because I've got the website you wanted, drop me a line and I'll stick your link in here, for free! I'm not greedy.

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